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Ethiopian Welo Opal Facts

In 2008, a new opal deposit was discovered near the town of Wegel Tena, in Ethiopia's Wollo province.

This opal in good quality has taken the opal world by storm as high quality gems are as spectacular as many opals of Australia.Many say that the Welo contains more colours than is commonly found in the Australian.

Being a lover of coloured gems I have collected samples of this Welo opal and have found as with all other gems--top quality is hard to find--particularly in the larger sizes.

All opals offered here are of high quality and are each of solid opal gem.

Ebay and other such marketing palaces are marketing very low quality and there is much skulduggery going on with fake stones on offer and photos with colour enhancing techniques such as black light and multi coloured lights photography to make them seem better than they are.

Also, commonly seen are "Welo Black Opals" touted as natural--but most if not all have been smoked to make them dark. Dying is often used to create an impression of rarity.

So beware!--- it is imperative to source good quality gems from those that specialize in quality. 

 Welo opals will reveal their colours differently under various lighting conditions and background colours.

Quality is reflected in the fact that you can buy a Welo opal of 10x8mm size and pay only $20 and you can also pay well over $500 for a best quality gem in the same size.

Low quality gem--low prices--as in all things.

Opal pricing depends entirely on the brightness and colour diplay in each stone.

A good way to judge opal quality is to hold the gem at arm length in good light.If you see little or no colour--its low quality.If you see bright changing colour--it is good quality--and if the colour is brilliant and fairly jumps out of the stone--it is top quality and VERY expensive.

Gems offered in this shop are of good quality.We don't carry low quality at all--and as to top quality--we do not stock these as they are VERY expensive. However we are pleased to locate and aquire a top quality gem to a customers specification and approval as a special order--just ask.

I have access to top quality gems by virtue of having travelled to the source of these gems and making contacts with exceptional and trustworthy suppliers.

 All my images are taken under OTT lights which are corrected to daylight values.Nothing is done to enhance the natural display of colour from these opals which perform beautifully even before a candle!

 I am so impressed with this Welo Opal that I have opened a new division on this website to offer them to devotees of coloured gems--a good pairing--Canada's Ammolite and Ethiopias Welo opal.

I am busy identifying those supply sources that are seriously quality conscious--and for that I have been to  exotic foreign climes to stand at the cutter/finishers bench to source good quality.





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