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Ammolite Quality Facts.


Our mission statement for this site is to locate and present high quality ammolite jewelry items at fair prices to our clientele.

This of necessity means we will likely not be the cheapest place to buy ammolite jewelry-- but cheapness is not what we are looking to offer.

Cheap prices almost always means low quality.

It has been said that there is always someone that can make and sell what you offer at a cheaper price--but always at the cost of quality.

It has also been said that you get what you pay for.

Quality is our main preoccupation in the gems we collect to put in the jewelry that you buy.All gems we use are in the top grades A, A+ or AA.

Be aware that grading in ammolite is rather loose and easily misunderstood.Take a gem to one expert and he will say its A+ and the next will say its AA.

Also be aware that you can find exquisite gems in the A grade but because they contain just one or two colours they can never be grade AA--rather silly don't you think?

Sometimes a really brilliant monocolour will fetch more than a grade AA tricolor.

Then there are the "collector" gems that contain hot pink,mauve or purple--very rare as are gems with rare colour patterns such as vivid stripes or for example concentric circles of colour or a spash of red in a field of blue.Anything odd makes it rarer,more collectible,more desirable,hence more expensive.

If YOU love it--then thats all that matters!

In the world of ammolite-- experts will tell you that gem ammolite is in very short supply.Less than 1% of the material mined--itself the product of just two mines in South Alberta,Canada--makes it to the cutting and finishing stage as top grade ammolite gems.


And Finally--A Tip.

Many are the claims by folks that say that they have the best ammolite and to look no further------It's always best to look further until you find exactly what you want!

When you see your ammolite it will speak to you with colours and pattern that appeal directly to you and your personal sense and taste for colour.

That's the one for you--and you will know it when you see it!



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