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Ammolite--My Journey.

Me And My Ammolite.          dsc-0379.jpg



Several years ago I moved to south Alberta from the west coast of Canada in order to manage a business I had bought there.

In the course of exploring my new environment and because I am a lifelong outdoorsman and fly fisherman, I discovered that there were several streams and rivers in my area that held trout.

Little did I know that these streams, one in particular, held a lot more than trout!

Beneath my waders and totally unknown to me was the epicenter of the Ammolite world.

One day while landing a trout, I saw a wink of brilliant colour flash up to me and thinking it was a lost fishing lure, I bent down to investigate. I picked up an object that contained flashy colours of green and red and it appeared to be embedded in stone.

I took this stone to a longtime resident of the area and he filled me in on Canada’s, no, the worlds, newest and rarest gemstone. Ammolite.

 I had found a rough piece, not gem quality ammolite but on seeing properly finished gemstones, I was instantly captivated and immediately started my journey to learn as much as I could about this amazing gem which is being mined not five miles away from my back door!

This led me to the doors of individual craftsmen who cut and polished Ammolite gemstones. These individuals have tiny shops and are utterly devoted to taking a piece of Ammolite rough and working it painstakingly for hours and sometimes days to produce the finest Ammolite gems possible. Their offerings are among the finest available and easily match or exceed the offerings of the two leading mining concerns which produce over 90% of gem Ammolite.

During this period I was lucky enough to spend time with some of the pioneers of the Ammolite world and some of its best artisans too.

Personally, I prefer to collect my high quality collector/investor grade Ammolite gem stones from these local Canadian artisans who get their rough Ammolite from members of the Blood tribe on whose lands most Ammolite is found. I am then assured that my gems are not the product of a far away Asian sweatshop as some are.

Many of these high grade Ammolite cabochon gems never see the light of day going straight from the hands of the cutters into private collections such as mine.


In time I made good contacts among the cutters and producers of fine Ammolite gems and started a collection of Ammolite gems and jewelry which I ship all around the world to clients looking for top quality items.

I am able to access fine ammolite as I live very close to where they ae mined and have long standing relations to first class ammolite suppliers.

My inventory includes Ammolite gemstones of all grades and types with prices to fit most budgets from very reasonable to very expensive.

I also have an inventory of finished Ammolite jewelry, mostly in silver and occasionally gold for the rarer items.

Because I use the internet as my showcase and have no bricks and mortar expenses, I am able to price my items well below what you will see in jewelry stores or on cruise ships and ports in the Caribbean and Mexico [which is where a lot of Ammolite is sold]

You will often find that you can find a $300 piece of ammolite jewelry here that would cost you $600 or more for a comparable item in a jewelry store.

So there you have it.

My retirement occupation is that of selling Ammolite on line—and also to take special assignments for those folks looking for high quality Ammolite pieces not already in my inventory.

If you want a rare Ammolite high grade investment piece, drop me a note. I may have what you want in my rather extensive inventory stored at my bank--or it is likely---

I know the people who are likely to have what you are looking for.



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