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Ammolite Feng Shui

Ammolite “Feng shui”

 One of the largest demands on the Ammolite supply is from Asia where buyers value the stone for its beauty but increasingly also because of its Feng Shui properties

 "The Most Influential Stone of the Millenium”---says Feng Shui Master Edward Kui Ming Li

Feng Shui masters have named Ammolite:

 The Seven Colour Prosperity Stone”.

 It has been buried for the past 71 million years absorbing a substantial amount of both the Earth’s and the universe’s positive cosmic energy. It radiates this energy in every colour of the visible spectrumenhancing well-being and reducing the body’s toxicity of those that own it”

Each colour has a different meaning in Feng Shui:


Crimson generates growth and energy; orange stimulates creativity, and increased libido; Green improves wisdom, intellect and promotes entreprenerialship; Yellow provides wealth; and Blue promotes health and peace.

Feng Shui practitioners believe that: “Not only does it bring balance to a person’s body, but also to a person’s environment. When it is worn or when the stone is placed in the home, it helps create a happy family, and when it is placed in the work place, it promotes good business dealings. In essence, those who possesses Ammolite areentitled to increased prosperity and good fortune.

Don’t believe in Feng Shui? ----That’s Fine!  ----- Many folks own Ammolite just for it’s rarity and beauty---but you never know!



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